Who am I really? Where do I belong? Which of these masks that I have created are really me? Over and over, I keep asking myself these questions hoping to find some answers that will eventually lead me somewhere to call home.  For me however, home has been an emotionally turbulent place.  As an Iranian woman I always faded into the background of my family priorities.  And as an immigrant leaving home, being rootless did set me free, but I still found myself struggling to connect emotionally.  I became an outsider floating through a life of recurring memories. 

This body of work represents the inescapable roots of my existence.  Here I choose to express my vulnerability through nudity and I love the idea of being comfortable in your own skin.  Despite it’s unknown form, I find myself gravitating towards root vegetables in this work.  They hold a lot of value and substance for me.  Even their complexities cannot overshadow my belonging to them