Labkhand Olfatmanesh's photography explores themes of feminism, racism, and isolation, and how these forces take shape in the United States and her birthplace of Iran. Labkhand's photography has exhibited in several countries, including most recently Japan and the U.K., and she has been awarded high honors from The Los Angeles Center of Photography (First Place, 2018) and LensCulture (Jurors Pick, 2018), among others. While earning a B.A. in graphic design, she became deeply passionate about photojournalism, a medium that allowed her to tell intensely personal stories about her subjects, as well as herself and her ongoing feeling of alienation in Iran. Through photojournalism, Labkhand created photo essays that were featured on Iranian national TV in 1996. Another recurring theme in Labkhand's work is borders and immigration, a theme shaped by her own uprooting. In 2003, she immigrated to Cyprus, an island nation whose citizens cannot move freely due to borders controlled by Greece and Turkey. Three years later during a short stay in the U.S., she won second place at the International Society of Photographers exhibit, which earned her an Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement visa and allowed her to seek permanent U.S. residency. Labkhand lives and works in Los Angeles.

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